missed target

I had every intention of doing my very first true-to-blog-name, before and after post tonight about making some legwarmers out of a scarf that I got from Red White and Blue. Instead we breathed some new life into the ongoing gigantor back room project. The door frames are five ninths (5/9ths) of the way installed.

By finishing the door frames, I realized I have to add some more things to my to-do list. Now I have to paint the damn doors.

Maybe tonight I'll name my to-do list. Trish? Dixie? I've been naming a lot of things after female characters lately.

I think I'll go with Meredith, in honor of Dr. Rodney McKay from Stargate Atlantis. He's a pretty-annoying-yet-can't-do-without character.

Well Mer, maybe we should see about putting you on a diet.


will said...

Aww, you like Dr. McKay. Admit it.

While you're admitting things: nerd.

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