all chewed up

My four day stay-cation is quickly coming to a close and although I'm sure I accomplished a lot for the average bear, I just don't have the sense of completion as I had hoped for this weekend.
  1. Finish small black and white catering ad
  2. Meet with, discuss & finish jeweler business card
  3. Clean out some clutter & start some organizing
  4. Go to Green Project for fun things: bed frame, privacy screen, back yard treats
Ok, so I guess I technically finished close to 90% of my list. I only halfway started cleaning out the massive amount of clutter that still lingers, and of that I only started organizing half of it.

In addition, I also managed to:
  1. Start a filing system for 3 at home LLC's
  2. Start my HTML(4)/CSS learning spree
  3. Listed stuff to sell online
  4. Completed 3+ episodes of Stargate SG1 and Atlantis
  5. Finished all the backyard planting and mulching
I did not, in four days, make it to the grocery. I'll just have to take care of that one tomorrow during the day.

back yard victory
Small victories. I conquered the back yard this weekend. Unfortunately the boots were not enough to combat the mosquitoes.

The troops (Indy was around there somewhere).


will said...

I think you did enough of #3 to cross it out.

And the back looks great, dear.

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